May 31, 2020

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Auto A/C Service Centre

With over 30 years of experience, Modern Air Conditioning has become a well-known leader in Auto Air Conditioning industry in Sri Lanka for Quality Products and Service.

What we do

  • OEM Air Conditioning installations for European, Japanese, Korean and Indian Vehicles
  • All Air Conditioning Related repairs & Service with Warranty
  • Convert Old Air Conditioning Systems in to Ozone Friendly Systems ( R12 -> R134a)
  • Customize Air Conditioning Systems for Non A/C Vehicles
  • Automobile Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Total HVAC Care

We provide Complete HVAC Care for your vehicle with qualified technicians & innovative tools such as Denso/Bosch Diagnostics and test equipments.

Hybrid HVAC Care


  • Generally Hybrid  air conditioning system is similar to normal gasoline system, however product wise , the air compressor features differently. Hybrid HVAC System comes with a fully electric Compressor which can compress the air more effectively. Such products cannot be manually partition, in fact there must be fully equipped tools to do so. Our technicians are skilled to assemble such systems and our refrigeration holds replacements if needed. 

Automobile Diagnostics


  • What we do is beyond what you would expect from any other A/C Service Centre. We offer total Denso Care for your vehicle not only with Genuine Products, also with most advanced technology available in the current Auto Air Conditioning Industry. Our Diagnostic tools can examine your vehicle top to bottom and give you instant feedback on on-going faults.
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